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A view is a way of looking at the information in different ways. To facilitate this, Folio Views provides six different views of an infobase. On this page we'll show and describe two mostly used views.

All View

Displays the Contents, Reference, Document, and Hit List panes. Use this view when searching the Bhaktivedanta VedaBase or when you need to see all of the related information at once. You can resize any of the panes in a given view by moving the cursor to the dividing line between the panes and draging the pane to the desired size.

Browse View

Displays the Contents, Document, and Reference panes. Use this view when browsing the infobase for information: it gives you the best access to the table of contents while maximizing the space allocated for the infobase text.


While you can use Folio Views 4 to perform a variety of tasks, probably the most important is searching. After all, if you can't easily search for and find information, Bhaktivedanta VedaBase would be no better than a book or word processor file.

There are many types of searches you can perform. The easiest searches use the Query Toolbar or the Query Dialog. But the best way to do your searching is by using Advanced Query dialog (see the picture bellow). It can be invoked by simply pressing the "F2" key. It provides the greatest control over your queries. It allows you to do various boolean searches, search for a phrase as well as do scope searches.